The Water Resources Club at Washington State University

WSU's WRC provides design and modeling experiences for WSU students, and facilitates engagement between students and the local community on water issues.


MARCH 25 - general meeting and research presentation by P. Moffatt on hydrology using stable isotope tracing

MARCH 30 - Water Resources Engineering career info panel with industry engineers (stormwater, wastewater, water resources, hazardous waste and geotechnical experience)

APRIL 2 - Call for water-inspired art!

APRIL 8 - club elections! please run and support the club :)

APRIL 13 - Dr. Whitman - 'Can't We All Get Along?' solving complex environmental problems

APRIL 15 - Dennis DeHart - 'Confluences: Circumnavigating the Snake River' art inspired by water

APRIL 21 - Earth Week panel on in stream flows with WA policy and academic experts

APRIL 30 - Virtual fundraiser! Help our students go to conferences and bring in guest speakers when we are back in person. Bid on student art pieces!

Learn more about the projects we are getting involved with, from design and modeling to management and restoration.

Join our club to get involved with any of our projects. Contact us to learn more.

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Lacy Lackey, President           

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Dr. Julie Padowski, Faculty Adviser                                                        

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